For dry skin and for all skin types with symptoms of dehydration after the winter period, sunbathing and in cases of problems with hydro-lipid balance. Here are the results of this beauty treatment:

- Quick and long-lasting skin moisturizing    
- The activation of the skin function countering the loss of water
- The improvement of  colour
- Healthy and young looking skin

The cost of the  treatment

Additionally, the treatment can also be combined with manual cleansing the skin of blackheads or  acne. Duration of the treatment: about 90-110 minutes and it depends  on whether the treatment is combined with special cleansing procedures:

Intensive cleansing treatment

Intensive soothing treatment

Intensive revitalizing treatment

 Intensive lifting treatment


The treatment is about removing subsequent micro-layers of epidermis with the usage of corundum until the desired level. Corundum is one of the hardest natural minerals, which is not absorbed by the skin and causes no allergic reactions. The effects are presented below:

- Improvement of skin elasticity
- Stimulation of fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin
- Reduction and in the mouth of glands, so-called skin pores,
- Removal of blackheads (mainly open ones)
- Reduction in shallow wrinkles and scars
- Partial reduction in skin discoloration caused by sunbathing or the process of ageing Decrease in seborrhea
- Better absorption of cosmetic products. It is recommended depending on the skin condition as a single treatment or a series of 4-6 treatments.

 Facial microdermabrasion (mask included)  

180 zł
* Facial, neck and shoulders microdermabrasion (mask included)

380 zł


The effective treatment that restores a fresh and healthy look to the skin. It removes imperfections, has antibacterial properties and closes skin pores. Ideal for those having tendencies for acne, blackheads, pimples or lumps.

Facial cleansing
Back cleansing
Painless ultrasound cleansing (the price includes inserting an ampoule)
Cavitation peeling


Ultrasound is an active mechanical wave stimulating the quick transport of special nutritional and medicinal substances to the deep tissues of the skin.

Lifting treatment
Anti-wrinkle treatment
Caviar treatment
Treatment for broken capillaries
Moisturizing treatment
Ttreatment for oily skin


Cavitation peeling is a treatment consisting in cleansing by means of ultrasound peeling. Removal of impurities and dead cells is carried out safely. This is a new system meant for deep skin care and its regeneration, without side effects. Ultrasound peeling as a system affects the skin gently with pleasant, natural vibrations, without the use of electricity. This device enables to perform a deep skin regeneration by its quick and effective rejuvenation and deep cleansing, which results in skin looking younger and refreshed. Cavitation peeling allows for precise removal of excess sebum from the pores and hair follicles and helps to get rid of calloused skin, pimples, blackheads and bacteria.
Deep pore cleansing allows for better exchange of ions and oxygenation of the skin, prepares the skin for any cosmetic applications and it is combined with a natural, deep penetration of cosmetics without the use of current electricity. The effect of sheer energy causes the melanin level to fall and skin discolorations and blemishes disappear. Cavitation peeling is meant for very sensitive, delicate and thin skin, prone to irritation and enlarged capillaries, as well as it is a non-invasive cleansing treatment for acne and oily skin. Cavitation peeling can be performed on the face, hands and back.
Very good results can be achieved by combining cavitation peeling with Sonophoresis (ultrasound). The waves emitted by the special device massage the skin and insert active substances deep into the dermis.

- cleansing
- firming of tissues (micro)
- treatment for acne
- removal of dead cells and blackheads
- stimulation of cell metabolism
- skin lightening effect

Cavitation peeling

Cavitation peeling with treatment (adapted for the particular skin type)
(While buying a series of 10 treatments – 20% discount, paid before the first treatment)