Fit roll en

The application of roll massage:
FIT-ROLL is a device that can successfully replace the therapist's hands in many cases. Massage with the usage of this device has medicinal properties.
It affects:
1 The circulatory system
- It accelerates blood and lymph circulation
- Capillaries are enlarged locally and the flow of fresh blood increses
- It supports the lymph circulation, which stimulates glands and speeds up metabolism
- It helps with removal of waste products of metabolism
- It results in better oxygenation and nutrition of tissues
- It results in their better oxygenation and nutrition
- It prevents from injuries
- It increases their flexibility
- It causes faster regeneration after training
- It increases or decreases their tension
- It firms and tones the skin
- It eliminates or reduces adhesions or calluses
- It causes the mechanical destruction of fat cells
4.The nervous system
- Gentle massage has relaxing and calming properties
- Strong massage stimulates
- It facilitates the conduction of nerve impulses
- It improves the superficial and deep feeling

Price list:
(Buying the carnet you can pay even .... for one entry!)

1 entry (1 hour) -

10 entries - ...... + 2 hours extra

15 entries - .... + 3 hours extra

20 entries -.... + 4 hours extra (or you can choose ... + 5 hours extra)