Manicure and pedicure


By looking at hands and nails one may recognize a true lady. Neat, smooth hands and nails painted with good taste reflect well on their owner. Damaged or scruffy nails are usually the result of improper care, contact with detergents or simple neglect. Depending on current trends colours and shapes of nails are changing. However, the constant desire to have them beautiful, well-groomed and healthy remains. We will advise and choose the proper nail care and decorations so that each of you could feel like a real lady, like a star. We specialize in professional applying of gel and acrylic nails. We also pay much attention to maintaining the standards of hygiene and disinfection. Men are also welcome.

Manicure -pricelist:

Manicure with nail conditioner
Manicure with nail polish

French manicure

Nail painting

Nail decorations (apiece)

Peeling, massage, paraffin

Hand mask

SPA for hands

SPA for hands with manicure


The paraffin treatment


Feet are the very important part of the body. They carry it throughout the whole life, and have a considerable influence on a correct posture and gait. In winter, we force them to wear heavy, massive boots which make them tired, swollen and sometimes even cold and wet. Whereas, in summer, wearing sandals, we expose them to drying. However, in spring we usually want them to look healthy and aesthetically pleasing. That is why  we would like to care about your feet in a special way. Pedicure is the treatment intended not only for the spring-summer period, but recommended to undergo on a regular basis throughout the year. It is advised to do pedicure once a month, peeling once a week and apply foot cream every day. Such a foot care will be rewarded with a beautiful look of your feet. Beauty Studio performs also the reconstruction of damaged nails and does medicinal pedicure earmarked for people with such problems as corns, calluses or ingrown nails.

Pedicure – price list:  

Pedicure (traditional or with the usage of the milling machine)

 Medicinal pedicure

Corn removal

Buckle against ingrown nails

Pedicure with nail polish

French pedicure

Pedicure with peeling

Pedicure with peeling and painting

Nail painting

Nail decorations (apiece)

SPA for feet

SPA for feet with peeling