Classic massage

Classic massage is the most popular type of massages. Depending on the situation, classic massage can be done in the form of full or partial treatment. Massage provides relief from aches and pains, improves tissue nutrition, regenerates muscles, regulates muscle tension in the body, increases muscle elasticity, reduces adipose tissue, stimulates metabolism and activates the flow of blood and lymph. Regular practice of massage improves mood and corrects skeletal changes. After massage less tension in the spine, back and neck is felt . Classic massage improves skin appearance which is better oxygenated and supplied with blood.

Duration: 30-40 min. Price:

Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage stimulates the muscles, skin and the circulatory system, and also has a great influence on the nervous system – balances negative reactions to stress sent by the body, eliminates involuntary muscle tension, restores normal heart rhythm, circulation and blood pressure and even helps with insomnia. Massage aims at reducing and then entirely eliminating muscular, nervous and mental tension, which provides with total relaxation. For this reason, the movements performed by a massage therapist are calm, slow, rhythmic, gentle and designed to soothe the body and soul. Candles, aromatic scents, incense, relaxation music are just additions to the massage that allows you to achieve total relaxation.

Duration: 30-60 min. Price: 

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massag is a treatment performed with the use of essential oils, which combines the healing power of touch with the individual properties of essential oils, chosen for a particular person. Massage is the most important part of aromatherapy treatment, bringing the most efficient and fastest results. Aromatherapy massage is an overall body massage, however, depending on the aim of the treatment, it can be also performed locally. In all cases, mixtures of massage oils dissolved in natural vegetable oils are applied. It is during the massage when oil is the best absorbed by skin and body. Contact between oils and nerve endings in the skin triggers off the immediate response of the nervous system and at the same time the most desired effect of relaxation felt by a patient during the treatment. Balancing energy states, easing tension, pain and symptoms of stress leads to the most important aim of the treatment: to balance body and mind. During aromatherapy massage appropriate compositions of essential oils are applied:
- anti-stress composition (lavender, juniper, cytronelowy, sweet almonds)
- composition against insomnia (lavender, marjoram, sweet almonds)
- calming composition (lavender, geranium, sweet almonds)
- stimulating composition (basil, rosemary, sweet almonds)

Duration: 30-60 min. Price:

Sports massage

It is an intensive body massage alleviating fatigue caused by physical activity. Massage of tired muscles help to relax them and it prevents from further damages.

Duration: 30-60 min. Price:

Slimming, anti cellulite and firming massage

Techniques of classic massage and lymphatic drainage used in this type of massage make burning excess fat easier, remove waste products, reduce cellulite and smooth skin. The effect depends on the number of treatments (recommended amount: 15-20), repeating them from time to time, more intense physical activity, obeying light diet rules and drinking about 2 liters of liquids a day in the form of diluted fruit juice, no carbonated mineral water and herbal teas. Water helps body to remove toxins accumulated in adipose tissue. It is also impossible to overestimate the firming effect of the massage which improves the condition and appearance of skin. Flabby and stretched skin is often a side-effect of weight loss without massage. Slimming massage is performed with the usage of figure shaping, cellulite and skin care cosmetics which contain plant substances stimulating cellular metabolism. The treatment ends with applying gel appropriate to the problem (cellulite, stretch marks, sagging skin).

Duration: 60 min. Price:

Face, neck and shoulder massage

Face massage is a delicate form of massage aimed at nourishing facial skin. The effects of this massage are especially beneficial for facial and neck skin. The skin is cleansed of keratinized layer, open pores release waste products of metabolism. The skin is stimulated and nourished by the blood and lymph. After a series of about 10 massage treatments fine wrinkles disappear and deeper ones decrease significantly. This massage is performed to smooth, firm and make skin and subcutaneous tissue more flexible (often with the use of preparations supporting the mechanical massage action). This effect is achieved by improving the circulation system which leads to better skin nourishment and increasing its tension, accelerating the exfoliation of damaged and calloused epidermis, unblocking glands and improving their functions. This massage is strongly recommended for ladies over twenty-five.

Duration: 20min. Price:

Ayurvedic face, neck and shoulder massage (Mukabhyanga and Lepam) – Indian face care

Ayurvedic face, neck and shoulder massage is combined with cleansing treatment, peeling and facials using natural oils and cosmetic products prepared according to traditional Ayurvedic recipes.

Duration: 60 Price:

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massageis the combination oftraditionalmassage techniqueswith the powerof hotstonesformedfromvolcaniclava which have properties of keeping warm for a long period of time. Hotstonesrelease theirvaluable energy in contactwith the body and restore their normal flow in themain energetic channelsand “chakras”inside. They deeply warm up the body, accelerateblood circulation,reducemuscle tension and have overall relaxing properties. This treatmentis recommended for stressed and tired people with the increasedmuscle tension. It is also advisable in thetreatment of rheumatism and muscleandjoint injuries. Hot stone massageaffects enlarging blood vesselsandthereby,increases the blood circulationin muscles, accelerates the deliveryof nutrients andresults inmore efficientremoval ofwaste products.This treatmentspeeds up theregeneration process,which increasesthe body'sability toeffort. The combination ofhot stonesand the appropriate relaxation massage techniquesis extremelybeneficialfortired and stressed body and mindof a modern man.

Duration: 60 min. Price:

Contraindications against performing the massage

Massage is not performed in cases below:

- when the body temperature exceeds 38st.C

- bleeding or when there is the risk of bleeding 
- infectious diseases
- serious skin inflammation and skin allergies
- skin diseases accompanied by blisters, tearing, psoriasis, etc.
- the progressive muscular atrophy
- bone marrow inflammation with fistulas
- bone fragility
- shortly after injuries, fractures, sprains, dislocations
- leg ulcers
- purulent infections
- vein inflammation
- new clots
- advanced atherosclerosis 
- irregular heart disorders
- untreated hypertension
- inflammation of lymph nodes
- aneurysms
- menstruation
- pregnancy
- cancer

When buying a series of 10 massage treatments: – 20% discount (paid before the first treatment), in December: - 30%