It is a mechanical peeling combined with stimulating the cell regeneration. A stream of sterile microcrystals of alumina / corundum / (Corundum microdermabrasion) is ejected on the skin or horny skin cells are peeled with a diamond head (diamond microdermabrasion). As a result, the upper layers of epidermis are exfoliated. The action involves the gradual peeling, mechanical abrasion of epidermis until the desired effect. The peeling can be superficial or of medium depth.

The equipment works on the basis of vacuum suction mechanism, which brings additional therapeutic effects:

    smooth skin and a considerable reduction of wrinkles,
    reconstruction of damaged skin cells,
    improvement of cellular metabolism,
    slowing down aging changes in the skin
    making the skin stronger and more flexible
    reduction of skin impurities
    labor regulation of the work of sebaceous glands,
    reduction of acne scars,
    making pores smaller
    reduction of stretch marks
    skin regeneration
    better blood circulation in the area of ​​the treatment
    strengthen the skin’s immune defenses
    growing production of collagen and elastin


    acne (blackhead, follicular)
    acne scars, seborrhea
    enlarged pores, atrophic and hypertrophic scars
    skin discoloration
    after-sun skin damages
    rough, calloused epidermis
    stretch marks
    skin rejuvenation and elimination of fine wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and neck.


    cold sore (Herpes Simplex)
    skin inflammation
    damaged blood vessels
    skin damages
    skin diseases
    skin allergies
    Atopic dermatitis (AD),
    Skin cancer
    diabetes (poorly treated)
    the use of retinoids (Roaccutane - 6 month period after the treatment),
taking aspirin
taking blood thinners

How does the treatment work?
Immediate effects are visible! Every treatment makes the effects more significant. The skin is becoming smooth, softer, more flexible and light. It looks better and its colour is healthier. Stretch marks and scars are becoming less visible, stains and discoloration are fading or completely disappearing. The exfoliation-stage is followed by the soothing stage including the application of special soothing mask which is individually adapted to the needs of the patient's skin. That is why, you are able to come back to your daily routine activities right after the treatment.
The treatment:
- is painless (anesthesia is unnecessary)
does not cause allergies
is safe (it does not cause discoloration and scarring)
does not require any breaks in your daily duties
may be performed on tanned skin
Deeper ablation treatment can be performed only by a cosmetologist or a doctor!