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The latest hit of alternative medicine in the 21st century
Detoxification - Cleansing of toxins and losing weight, the shortest path to health, vitality and beauty!


1. A large dope of energy and reduction of toxins, especially heavy metals.
2 Detox improves the functioning of the kidneys and liver, improves blood circulation.
3 It speeds up metabolism, you can lose weight without a yo-yo effect.
4 It is also helpful in reducing cellulite and excess fat.
5 It helps to get rid of:
- menstrual aches
- food allergy
- skin allergy,
- acne,
- irritability,
- fatigue
- loss of vitality.
6.Body purification causes the increase of immunity and blood purification.


1 Greater energy, stronger body, vitality
2 More effective circulation and oxygenation of internal organs
3 Quicker weight loss
4 Deeper sleep
5 Normalizing of blood pressure
6 Relief in neck, back and shoulder pains


1 Stress reduction
2 Self-confidence and emotional stability
3 Fight with depression and anxiety
4 Improvement of concentration and memory
5 Reaching the state of inner peace
6 Good mood and positive thinking

Are we really full of toxins and will purification of them protect us from diseases and help to cure such diseases as cancer, diabetes or heart disease?
!Absolutely yes!



- Cleansing the body of heavy elements such as cadmium, lead, mercury
- Body purification after the treatment for thyroid with radioactive iodine
- Help with the fight with oedemas, excessive perspiration and foot odor
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Chronic fatigue, long-lasting states of low mood, depression
- Body purification after severe infections and treatment with antibiotics
- Support for drug treatment
- Support for cosmetic procedures
- Obesity, cellulite, sluggish metabolism
- High level of "bad cholesterol" LTL
- Allergies: hay fever, bronchial asthma
- Skin diseases: psoriasis, acne
- Disorders of blood supply to the extremities, varicose veins
- Work weakened liver, kidneys and intestines
- Building up immunity
- Hormonal disorders
- Athlete's foot
- Neuralgia


- Pregnancy
- Heart disorders
- Epilepsy
- Children under 10 years
- People with pacemakers or other electronic implants
Every man has a huge amount of toxic substances in their body causing illnesses and infirmity. By simply removing the residue from the liver and kidneys, blood cleansing, purification of metals and parasites and cleansing the body of fats, may protect you from many serious illnesses and even cure them.
ROYAL SPA Detox is a wonderful device that quickly restores the correct energy potential of the cells in your body and maintains it for a long time.

Your feet immersed in ions
Do you feel tired despite of the weekend rest? Do you sleep badly and have troubles with concentration?
It may be caused by harmful substances which are a heavy burden to our body.
And we need to “clean up the mess they make”.
We breathe contaminated air, eat contaminated food, drink "bad" water, we usually lead a sedentary lifestyle and live in stress.
Still, a lot of us do not realize that our malaise and low immunity are consequence of the presence of toxins in the body.
Detoxification purifying and energizing the body comes to rescue today.
Toxins are released through feet.
British doctors with Dr Mary Staggs as the head invented a cleaning device which is called Body Detox.
The device is being widely distributed all over the world the world, especially in prestigious natural medicine centres.
Now, also in Chicago, you can use the device stimulating your body to self-purification. The principles of operation of the equipment designed for water foot bath combines the knowledge of modern conventional medicine with the basics of ancient Chinese medicine, precisely the theory of Meridians.

What is the treatment about?
The feet are immersed in water for about 30 minutes, and by far - about 2,000 pores on each foot, the ions enter the body and restore the disturbed cell potential in a short period of time. During the treatment water changes colour from light yellow into brown and even black. Some oil stains can be seen in water and you can even smell nicotine. This is a visible sign that your body is just getting rid of unwanted substances through the skin.
Detoxification device "ROYAL SPA Detox" covers a whole range of pollutants accumulated in the body of a modern because of the contact with contaminated food and the environment or being the result of addictions like cigarettes or alcohol.

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