Teeth Witening

PureLite teeth whitening system

PureLite Technology is based on the novel American solutions providing comfort during the treatment and excellent results at a price affordable for everyone. This technology is very similar to this one used by the dentists. The only difference between the teeth whitening performed at the dentist's offices and using PureLite is the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the gel used during the treatment. Our technology offers safe 16% gel, which does not require additional protection for the gums and provides the same results. During one session, your teeth will be triply whitened, additionally with the use of the LED lamp. PureLite system is our professional teeth whitening kit along with procedures for its implementation. Most of beauty salons performing teeth whitening offer the overlay system. We propose another solution which is optimal while taking into consideration the comfort during the treatment and the results achieved. Without unnecessary overlays, at a concentration not requiring additional gum security, in a friendly atmosphere, you will have your teeth whitened in less than an hour. The gel will be applied to your teeth with the special applicator and the LED lamp will activate the substances included in it. Note! Avoid nicotine and other staining products in the first 24 hours just after the treatment.