It is an elastic wave whose frequencies exceed the upper limit of human hearing (over 20 000 Hz). Its primary effect is the mechanical action on tissue called "micromassage" caused by the pressure fluctuation in the course of a sound wave. It has an effect on body cells, causes their tremor, changes their volume and trigger off the movement of the cytoplasm. The molecules begin to vibrate and rub against each other, which regenerates, rejuvenates the body and stimulates the nervous system. A very important function of ultrasound is accelerating metabolism by its influence on the biochemistry of tissues.


     circulation insufficiency
     cancer and the period after its operatingremoval
     metal objects in the body (e.g. pacemakers)
     severe general condition
     serious migraines
     severe vegetative neurosis

Cosmetic characteristics of ultrasound

Cavitation peeling
Ultrasound of a certain frequency induce Flexible Wave. This wave in the presence of water, sprayed on the skin surface, creates microscopic bubbles of liquid filled with rarefied gas. Under the influence of ultrasound vibrations bubbles are suddenly widened, and then comes to their sudden collapse - implosion. In a short time (scarcely a few microseconds) a great deal of heat is released on the small surface and the pressure rises, as a result, dead cells of the horny epidermis are destroyed without any damage to cells in deeper layers. This phenomenon is called cavitation, or "cold water boiling".

• Eliminates discolouration
• Removes skin impurities
• Supports the treatment for acne
• Eliminates wrinkles by micro-massage
• Exfoliates the horny layer of epidermis

Breaking the melanin and removing subcutaneous spots
The use of ultrasound massage equipment along with substances eliminating pigmentation spots brings immediate results. The ultrasound wave destroys the inner wall of melanin cells and blocks their development. At the same time it introduces deep into the skin the substance which is a melagoneza inhibitor at different levels, which prevents from the recurrence of stains, and their removal takes place during metabolism. In the case of sunspots, whose origin is not known and which does not increase, ultrasound brings visible results just after three treatments.

Removing bags under eyes

Both external and internal factors have a huge impact on metabolism functioning. They cause the accumulation of the lymph around the eyes, excessive amounts of fat cells and water, which, in turn, leads to muscle “loosening” and the formation of so-called bag. Long-lasting shortages of sleep, fatigue, disturbed microcirculation and accumulation of venous blood in the vessels cause the formation of shadows around the eyes. Ultrasound massage can accelerate the blood and lymph circulation, and the heat released during the treatment helps to break down fat molecules and to accelerate the subcutaneous absorption. Excess water and fat are dispersed, and "bags" are disappearing. The accelerated circulation removes excess venous blood from the vessels and thanks to that, it eliminates shadows under the eyes.

Wrinkle elimination
During the whole life the human skin constantly ages. Its structure changes and its immunity against external factors weakens. It becomes less flexible and less hydrated, and wrinkles and pigmentation changes appear. The process of aging can not be reversed. However, using the properties of ultrasound wave, you can delay symptoms of aging. High-quality anti-wrinkle cosmetic preparations inserted into the skin with the use of the appropriate heads prevent the wrinkle formation. On the one hand, the mechanical massage of the ultrasound wave increases the permeability of cell membranes, on the other hand, it stimulates metabolism and the microcirculation, so that the skin is better nourished. Wrinkles are more shallow, the skin remains smooth and supple.

Acne treatment
There are different types of acne, amongst which the most common are the blackhead acne and the purulent acne, in the course of which appear swollen and hard lumps. The latter ones form as a result of nonbacterial, inflammatory congestion of lymphatic vessels and are difficult to treat. They are very painful, even while gentle touching and the smallest mistake may lead to hardened scars. The best way to remove them is the ultrasound massage combined with the appropriate cosmetics. The ultrasound wave strikes the lymph node, speeds up the removal of congestion and regenerates the affected cells. Additionally, ultrasound makes the penetration of anti-inflammatory easier and softens scars. Acne treated in this way does not cause hardened scars.

Smoothing acne scars
Inappropriateacne skincare and inadequatetreatment for inflammationmay lead todamage andruptureof capillaries, bloodleakingand, consequently,the formation of scars and discolouration. The ultrasound wave is usedto break upblood clots, and by stimulating themicrocirculationto absorb them. It is followed by the increase inthe synthesis ofcollagen andelastin,which improvesskin structureandsmoothesscars. The whole processconsists of 10treatments.


Glycolic acid
At a concentration up to 15% glycolic acid has moisturizing and exfoliating properties and it accelerates regeneration and rejuvenation of the dermis. At a concentration of 20-30% it moisturizes, cleanse and has the peeling effect. At high concentrations (50-70%) it exfoliates the skin and strongly stimulates the regenerative processes of the dermis. The repeated and prolonged use of glycolic acid causes the skin thickening even up to 25%, improves its elasticity, increases the natural production of collagen in the skin and makes wrinkles shallow. In cosmetology glycolic acid is applied in order to:

remove discolorations
make scars and wrinkles shallow
soften and smooth skin
moisture and regenerate the skin
improve the skin structure and tone
remove blackheads
treat acnet
Amygdalic acid is used in order to:
remove discolorations
make scars and wrinkles shallow
soften and smooth skin
moisture and regenerate the skin
improve the skin structure and tone
remove blackheads