permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is an alternative to traditional make-up. Permanent make-up provides a longtime beautifying effect and it is based on the subcutaneous implantation of pigment.
To wake up in the morning with  nearly perfect make-up, with perfect lines on the eyelids, with a great outline of the lips or with beautiful eyebrows, to get closer to eternal beauty - it sounds tempting.
It's not just about highlighting and support for natural beauty, but also about smoothing diverse contours of faces and hiding skin areas with pigment problems. The method that we employ doing permanent make-up has been used worldwide since 1987. We guarantee precision, perfection and style. The result of this beauty treatment is an extremely discreet and  beautiful touch of color which lingers on skin from three to five years.

What is the treatment?

Pigmentation is performed with the help of top class permanent makeup device using mineral pigments which are non-allergic and safe even for very sensitive skin.

What effects can be achieved by Contour Make-up?

Thanks to the mildest method of permanent make-up we can:
- discreetly highlight the contours of lips or fill them with full color
- thicken and give a beautiful shape of eyebrows
- highlight the contours of  eyes by drawing a thin line between  eyelashes

Who needs a permanent makeup?

- Well-groomed and active women. Contour make-up lets them save time spent on the daily make-up routine.
- Those in whose work  the face plays an important role.
- Mature women, to restore the contours of face
- People with poor eyesight for whom doing precise make-up causes difficulty
- People after accidents or illnesses, to reconstruct the contours of eyebrows, eyelashes or lips

Contraindications against the treatment: pregnancy, infection, diabetes, psoriasis, steroid medication.


For women wanting to highlight eyes subtly with the line hidden in eyelashes or to visually thicken eyelashes with a “dotted” method.

EYEBROWS Contour Make-up

The shape of eyebrows highlights the characteristic features of the face and  balances its overall appearance. The eyebrows arch expresses your mood and can even make you look younger. However, eyebrows can be uneven or sparse as a result of excessive tweezing. This make-up is perfect for you. Every morning you will wake up with flawless eyebrows.
The service  includes making a trial drawing of  eyebrows, shape correction, filling eyebrows with colour and making some corrections after 3 weeks.
Duration of the treatment:  about 2 hours

LIPS  Contour make-up and 3D

Lips attract men with their shape and colour, they express our passion or mood.
We are unable to highlight their contour, enlarge them and enhance their colour. Lips are becoming fuller, more tempting and look natural at the same time.
The service includes a trial drawing,  making the contour of  lips, shape correction and partial coverage lip blackening with colour.
Duration of the treatment:  about 2 hours


Eyebrows (traditional and ‘’dotted” methods)
Eyes – upper contour
Eyes –lower contour


Both evening and wedding makeup is a kind of so-called occasional makeup. It's a great opportunity to play with colours, eye shadows and all means that will contribute to our gloss and glamour. The advantage of this type of makeup is its flexibility because it depends only on the kind of the event or on individual women’s ideas and preferences.

Price list:

Eyebrows with eyes – lower and upper contours
Lips –  contour
Lips – filling
Lips – contour with filling, lips 3D
Lip-line (lightening of the area around the lips)
Medical pigmentation (the price depends on the size of the area)

* The price includes the first supplement, subsequent supplements or the change of colour is paid according to the price list.
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